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Albumul lui Snoop Dogg va iesi cu doua luni mai devreme Februarie 20, 2008

Posted by MoshutZu in Stiri.

Albumul care initial trebuia sa apara in Mai,  Ego Trippin’, va apare in Martie 🙂

Interscope announced that they would be pushing the album up, which is reportedly to capitalize on the success of Snoop’s current single for the album, „Sensual Seduction.” The song, which is making its rounds on radio and television, is currently No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Ego Trippin’ also features „Never Hafta Worry,” a recently leaked track that has Snoop giving an account of his storied career has an emcee. The song touches on, among other things, his time at Death Row Records and his murder trial.

Ego Trippin’ will also feature the songs „Hollywood Nights” and „Press Play,” the latter of which uses a sample from the Isely Brothers’ „Atlantis.”



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