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Texas Instruments adauga Pico-Projector intr-un telefon mobil! ianuarie 9, 2008

Posted by MoshutZu in IT si Comunicatii, Stiri.

Texas Instruments has brought forth the DLP Pico-Projector. It is a phone with a projector, a good one too. Having a pocket projector may seem to be great option for folks who are on the move to deliver seminars at various venues. A research by Pacific Media Associates (PMA) states that this category of products can scale up to more than 1M units by 2010. Now that’s an impressive figure to by, pretty encouraging. Sharing media with your co-workers, bosses, clients etc on a larger scale is fun now as never before. It’s a great means of combining and integrating technologies.

Texas Instrument’s OMAP processor technology can also be used for processing videos and graphic contents and the projector proves to be a great means of complementing this technology.



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